WooCMP is a flash player plugin for wordpress. The full name of the plugin is woo cmp flash video player. This plugin provide an easier way to insert a cmp player through shortcode. The cmp is an open flash player which is developed by cenfun(You can find more information by visit http://bbs.cenfun.com) . Also you can change skins through shortcode and players with different appearance can be created anywhere of your site.


=== Woo CMP Flash Video Player ===
Contributors: softrial
Donate link: http://webapproach.net/woocmp
Tags: player, flash player, simple, video, audio, skins, mp3, woocmp
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.5.0
Stable tag: 1.0
License: GPLv2

Create player with multiple skins via shortcode succinctly!

1. Upload plugin folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. Use shortcode in your posts/pages


* Base structure of shortcode (these parameters must be set with value):

[ woocmp video="" duration="" ]

* Full option shortcode:

[ woocmp preview="" video="" duration="" width="" height="" skin="" fullscreen="" autostart="" ]



<woocmp preview="http://webapproach.net/attachments/cover.jpg" video="http://webapproach.net/attachments/video.mp4" duration="30" width="600" height="400" fullscreen="true" autostart="false" skin="10">         Please use '[' instead of '<' when use shortcode

  1. preview :             the cover image of video, the value must be  an absolute address include 'http'
  2. video:                  the video address, the value must be an absolute address include 'http'
  3. duration:            the video duration, must be appointed with value
  4. width & height: the width and height of player, the default value is 600x400, you can afford value of  appropriate numbers
  5. fullscreen:          allow or not allow fullscreen access, the value is true or false, default value is true
  6. autostart:           wheather or not autoplay when page opened, the value is true or false, default value is false
  7. skin:                    the appearance of player, default skin is 1(vimeo), the value is between 1 and 20


Up to 20 kinds of skins were integrated in the plugin

      skin ID                       name                                 type                               screenshot

  1.                         vimeo                                video                             screenshot1
  2.                        black                                  video                             screenshot2
  3.                        blueplayer                        video                             screenshot3
  4.                        cmp default                      video                            screenshot4
  5.                        juicyblack                         video                            screenshot5
  6.                        jwplayer                            video                            screenshot6
  7.                        qqplayer                            video                            screenshot7
  8.                        tencent                              video                            screenshot8
  9.                        tudou                                 video                            screenshot9
  10.                        tvlive                                  video                            screenshot10
  11.                        vplayer                               video                            screenshot11
  12.                        wmp11                                video                            screenshot12
  13.                        youtube                              video                            screenshot13
  14.                        exobud                               audio                            screenshot14
  15.                        jma                                     audio                            screenshot15
  16.                        mini                                    audio                            screenshot16
  17.                        moko                                  audio                            screenshot17
  18.                        ocean                                  audio                            screenshot18
  19.                        scplayer                             audio                            screenshot19
  20.                        xdj                                       audio                            screenshot20


= What's this player? =

this plugin helps you create player via shortcode and the player is developed from CMP which is an open flash player.

= What's the skin? =
the skins offer different apperance of players for viewers,the value of skin parameter is from 1-20, and 1-13 are video player skins while 14-20 are audio player skins.


[woocmp preview="http://webapproach.net/attachments/cover.jpg" video="http://webapproach.net/attachments/video.mp4" duration="39" width="640" height="480" skin="1"]

Change Log

= 1.0 =
* Start the work...


Woo CMP Flash Video Player